The theater loves have another great year behind themselves, but for people who are just discovering the joy of theater and plays, we have the great news for you. Every year, Broadway features some of the most successful plays in the world and we think it is worthy of watching. If you are still new in this, we recommend you to watch the following plays.


post3aYou probably have heard about this play, even if you never watched it. The plot is based on Alexander Hamilton, the America’s founding father. The entire show follows his life and shows the blend of history. You should be prepared, because the play is sold out months in advance, so if you plan to watch this play, book your place on time.


If you love The Wizard of Oz, then you will adore Wicked. Everything is done to perfection, and the entire play defies the standards and gravity. In this play, you will find the perfect balance between great songs and wizardry that the only theatre allows. The show is full of sentiment, and it represents a classic fairy tale, so if you are looking that, then this play is an excellent choice for you.


One of the most famous shows played on Broadway, Chicago is set to prohibition ear, a crime thriller, which is based on the 1926 play, which features the same name. This show will provide you the full Broadway experience, and the plot will glue you to the seats. If you are looking to find one of the best plays to watch on Broadway, then Chicago is the best show for you.

post3bThe Phantom of the Opera

The perfect blend of romance, mystery, and phantasy, The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show on Broadway. Embrace the journey of Phantom and Christine, a young soprano, as they start their unusual romance. The songs this play features will blow your mind and make you identify with characters. If you are visiting Broadway for the first time, then make sure not to skip this show.